I have been dealing with a sore back, arthritis, tendonitis and acid reflux for some time. Some days the pain level was pretty bad, almost unbearable. I have been to different chiropractors to seek treatment for my back pain. I had tried physical therapy to help with the pain. Nothing seemed to work. I ended up having surgery on 3 of my vertebra in my back. I then found Dr. Patti and decided to see if she could help. Since being treated by Dr. Patti, she has been able to help my acid reflux, arthritis and back pain. I had tendonitis so bad that I could not lift my left arm up. I came in and she was able to get it adjusted and then I was able to lift it up over my head. I have been just amazed at how Dr. Patti has been able to help me in so many ways other then back pain. It felt like a miracle to go from not being able to lift my arm a few inches to being able to lift it straight up. I believe that she is the best Chiropractor I have ever been to.

Before seeing Dr. Patti I had bad neck and shoulder pain. Then I would also get back pain. At times it was really painful and hard to do some things that I enjoy. I have previously been to other Chiropractors for the same reasons and seen some results. With coming to Dr. Patti I can do most of the things I enjoy without the pain. After awhile things do go back to being out of place again. It just means that it is time for another treatment by Dr. Patti so that I can be free of the pain. I have found that some pain has not been able to be cured by medicine. The medicine just covers it up for the moment, but then it comes right back. By coming for treatments I get the problem fixed. I am then pain free without the medicine.

I have been to other Chiropractors before coming to Dr. Patti at Changes Within. I have had such bad back pain. It was to the point of being unbearable. The other Chiropractors I have been to have helped some, but did not get the results I was looking for. After seeking treatments by Dr. Patti I started to see results. I am now on maintenance treatments. Dr. Patti has done numbers on my back and I just can’t believe it. Nobody came close to getting the results that she has. She is really great at what she does. She’s the best!!